Results from the Regional Competition at Oaklands, May 2016

Eleanor Currington       1st Grade II dressage (74.7%)
                         1st Grade V trot test (70.6%)
Olivia Cornick           1st Grade III  (67%)
                         4th Grade V Canter (64.7%)
Elizabeth Bennett        2nd Grade V Trot (66.1%)
                         3rd Grade V Canter (65.6%)
Jenny Phillips Campbell  3rd Grade V Trot (63.1%)
                         5th Grade V Canter (61.8%)
Anne Hunt                1st Dressage test 4 (unled) (68.9%)
                         2nd Countryside Challenge (unled) (73.75%)
Jodie Williams           1st Countryside Challenge (led) (84.75%)
                         2nd  Dressage test 4 (led) (65%)
Emily Lodge              1st Dressage test 4 (led) (65.56%)
                         3rd Countryside challenge (led) (82.5%)
Rebecca Lawes            4th Countryside Challenge (led with side walker ) (63.5%)
                         Dressage test 2 (68.33%)
Lucy Morrison            5th Countryside Challenge (led with side walker)(59.25%)
                         Dressage test (55.56%)
Claire Cooper            9th Countryside Challenge (led) (77%)
                         Dressage Test 4 (led) (60.56%)