Hartpury 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot! Saturday 13th July was the hottest day of the year. But all the RDA ladies and horses had driven up the day before and were all set when Finn, Fionn, Jodie and I arrived.

I had qualified at Oaklands on Victor – but only just, he was not really in the mood and wouldn’t trot. At Hartpury I was to ride Rolo – hopefully a more responsive horse…

The university of the West of England Hartpury campus was huge. There were 3 outside arenas for Dressage tests, indoor schools for vaulting and showjumping classes and the countryside challenge on the hillside far away! This was my first ever championships, I was nervous but quite excited. The dressage test class II was hard but Rolo was really performing well – Hartpury was new to him – and I was 4th. Some of the riders were paralympic level so I was quite pleased. Jodie, Fionn and Finn did really well.

Thank you Gaye, Kathryn, Tara and Gillian for doing the long drive to Gloucestershire and all your hard work! It was an amazing experience.

By Eleanor Currington